Ezempilo: Ibali lika Wimpie van der Merwe

Ezempilo: Ibali lika Wimpie van der Merwe

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Lengxelo niyi phathelwa ngabakwa Stemtech:



 Testimony of multiple fracture by Wimpie van der Merwe

(This testimony has the potential to do injustice to the products I used and what it is intended for. StemTech’s products cure nothing, your stem cells, however, do. The testimony may leave the impression that the products should only be used when the body is ‘broken’ or malfunctioning and the use stopped when the corrections have been made. This would put StemTech’s products on the level of medicine, which it is not. The products are meant to be used by everyone, because stem cell activity occurs within every human being and mammal continuously. It always works and works every time. The product is meant to be used pro-active, but obviously it can be used reactive, as is demonstrated in the case of this testimony – Wimpie van der Merwe.)

On 27 June 2013 I fell off backwards, off a 5m ladder onto a brick paving whilst pruning a garden tree. I hit my head first and then my back and legs hit the ground. I broke my back (T6) and a rib, crushed my elbow and broke my foot.

The 2 orthopedic surgeons that treated me gave me a prognosis of being in hospital for 3 weeks and wearing a chest and back brace for 3-6 months. There was the possibility that I would not have the full use of my elbow because the joint has been crushed into bits. Both the elbow and foot had to be operated on and I was told that I would be wearing a ‘moon boot’ for the first 4-6 weeks and that I will have to carry my arm in a sling.
Being fully aware of the regenerative powers of stem cells and having my own past experiences I started using large quantities of StemEnhance2 every day. I was using at least 4 capsules 4 times daily. I told the surgeons that they could expect results out of the ordinary. I wanted them to be prepared and not shocked, because I had an expectation of leaving hospital soon.

From the beginning I was suffering breathing problems and after evaluating the symptoms after day 3, the drs came to the conclusion that I was describing to them a clinical case of a ruptured diaphragm, causing a drop in pressure in the chest cavity and ‘collapsing’ the lungs. Normally breathing occurs unintentional and automatic, but in my case I had to purposefully breathe. During sleep I found myself stopping breathing. An operation had to be done to sew me up from the inside. The operation occurred 12 hours after the height of my discomfort. By that time the rupture healed by itself and they could not find the hole. The breathing problem disappeared too.

From day one I had no need to wear any sling or splint on my arm or foot. At day 7 I walked out of hospital and at home got back on my stationary bicycle and continued my training. Finding that the recuperation has accelerated so much I was able to continue my indoor cycling daily. Once the swelling of my foot subsided, by the end of the second week, I could wear my cycling shoes and ride on my road bike again.

I could use my arm fully functional within the second week. After 4 weeks there was no memory of the arm had been crushed, or spine been injured.

All my fractures healed completely: my arm, foot and back. My week in hospital cost me R88,000. Three weeks would have cost me R175,000. I used about R3,000 worth of StemEnhance and StemFlo. Unfortunately my Medical Aid would not refund me the money spent on product, though I saved them a major amount in medical fees. I had the serious attention of the doctors and medical staff tending to me, since I have pre-warned them that they would be seeing something close to miraculously.

After this episode I realized why many people were not ‘getting expected results’. They were not using enough of the product to force the needed or expected results. Obviously it becomes a cost factor. I started doing cost comparisons with StemEquine and realized that I am getting 300g of product vs 60g of StemEnhance for the same amount. If I took 2g of SE2 daily I shall consume 2 bottles. For the same cost I could purchase a StemEquine, giving me 10g a day. The AFA component of the 10g would be 6g, the equivalent of 12 capsules, instead of 4. I was able to force a therapeutic effect where I can release more stem cells into the blood for faster regeneration.

The question was, will a product formulated for horses be detrimental for me? I have been using the product since just after my ladder accident and until now (8 months later) I have not started neighing or galloping. I have found the Alfalfa to be a good body alkalizer and as sportsmen we understand the benefit of lactate buffers. The StemEquine so far has been an excellent alternative for the mass consumption-mass result rule. For those who need the benefits of the components added to SE2 like Foti, Fucoidan and Cordyceps, supplement regularly with SE2 too. The reason for using StemEquine is thus purely an economical decision.

On Feb 9, 2014 I was seriously injured in an accident on a training ride. A car hit me head on and X-ray, CT and MRI scans indicated I suffered the following injuries:

  • Skull fracture.
  • 15 cm laceration across the head.
  • Broken back (6 places).
  • Broken ribs.
  • Broken pelvis.
  • Bruised organs.
  • … and worst of all, a bruised ego: being hit by an old lady is not good for my testosterone!

I was tended to, over this period, by an orthopedic, thoracic, plastic and neuro surgeon. Some of them have cared for me with my previous accident and were again forewarned to expect results they have not seen before! This time I came with my StemEquine and I was now taking 1 scoop 4 times daily.

Medi Clinic Vergelegen, Somerset west suffered extensive damage during a Nov 2013 flood. In the process their radiology unit lost their equipment. I had to be transported by ambulance to Medi Clinic Stellenbosch for the needed scans. The paramedic accompanying me in the back of the ambulance said they were one of four ambulances at the scene of the accident, 3 days before. She said when she saw me she thought I was ‘a goner’. The injuries were severe. She could not believe that after 3 days I could stand and move about. She wanted to know if I was using anything and this gave me the opportunity to tell her my story. That evening she went and registered as a VIP customer on my web site and bought herself some product, because she wanted access to the product for herself.

After 8 days the plastic surgeon, when he removed the 55 stitches, said he has never seen a wound heal that fast. Normally they would remove the stitches from the scabs, but in my case they removed stitches and scabs at the same time! If you consider that my head looked like a burst water melon, the regeneration was really amazing.

I told him afterwards that I am not completely satisfied with the outcome, because when men get together at a braai the one lifts his shirt, the other lifts his pants and they share their war stories based on their scars. The greater the scar, the greater the respect and I have no scars to share a war story! Skin is one of the best areas of the body to reveal the benefits of stem cells in action.

I was told by the specialists that I will be in hospital for at least 3 weeks, will wear a brace and will not be able to sit due to the fractured pelvis. After 6 days I walked out of hospital, got into my own car and drove home. I got onto my stationary bicycle and started exercising without difficulty. I was on the road by the third week, back into my training program. It would have been sooner, hadn’t it been for another unforeseen event.

Three days after being discharged I perforated a lung with one of my broken ribs, whilst sleeping. Early the next morning I was rushed to hospital and admitted to ICU where I was placed on a respirator. The left lung collapsed and I had fluid in the chest and in the lung. The thoracic surgeon was concerned for pneumonia, because I did not have the ribs to cough up phlegm.

Within 24 hours after perforating the lung, through the accelerated healing of the surplus stem cells in my body, due to my taking of the StemEquine, I grew the hole closed. I then used the respirator to inflate my lung with air and inflated my chest as with a balloon and popped all the broken ribs back into position. It was of great relief and the risk for perforation was reduced.

In both instances I had serious injuries and had close miraculous healings. I thank God for the product and his grace, healing me completely. However, these are not once-off impressive healing testimonies. I have numerous and in all of them StemEnhance or StemEquine were involved. Many friends and consumers of the product that we know personally and have seen firsthand what the product has done for them convince me that by giving the body the building blocks it can heal itself. This God given ability is what we celebrate. We do not rely on miracles, but rather tapping into wisdom, already given to us by God.

I use StemEquine and StemFlo daily. I have toned down to a maintenance dose of 2 scoops per day. A tub of StemEquine lasts me a month. Whenever I feel the need to increase my helpings due to my training regimen, which is normally about 600 km/week, I can do so without having to worry about the cost implications.

Ukuba unomdla kweli yeza nceda ugcwalise leform ingezantsi. Saku qhagamshelana nawe kunge kudala. (*=Required)



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